Kotipizza and MissionZeroFoodprint

Kotipizza is another one of our piloting restaurants over with us at Mission Zero Foodprint. We are lucky enough to get in touch with the sustainability specialist Sara Anttila over at Kotipizza. Kotipizza is the largest pizza restaurant chain in the Nordic countries which was founded in 1987. It is a part of Kotipizza Group which operates a chain of pizza franchises in Finland. They have about 290 locations all throughout Finland which is run by franchisees. This chain is your typical casual pizza setting restaurant which a large assortment of pizzas for you to choose from.

Kotipizza work on reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, for instance, Kotipizza restaurants are switching to domestic wind power. Kotipizza chain is committed to making its food products carbon neutral by 2030. During the pilot, they are used one of the digital solutions called Clonet, to work on estimate the carbon footprint of their food products.

On top of trying to work on their footprint, during the piloting with MZF, Kotipizza has also been working closely with ResQ Club. ResQ is an app, where you can go ahead and pick up leftover food from stores and restaurants for a bit of a discounted price that they would otherwise throw out. This is a massive step in the right direction on reducing food waste for this chain as they are able to sell their surplus pizzas that were mistakes. For example, to give you a bit of an idea of the impact they are making, in 2020 they sold 21,000 pizzas on the ResQ app. This is 21,000 pizzas of the year of 2020 that they normally would have had to throw out! If you had to stack all of the pizzas in their boxes that would have been 714 meters and more than 52,000kg of carbon dioxide not being emitted.

Not only has Kotipizza been saving their pizzas with ResQ and looking to measure their carbon footprint, but they are also working closely with sourcing locally. More than 70% of their ingredients are coming from Finland. They like to encourage the consumption of plant-based foods as well. In an interview about sustainability with Anna Rahikainen “We see that vegan and vegetarian options are constantly becoming more and more popular, they are growing in demand and we see that in our sales data. I’m really hoping that that’s the direction that we are heading to, nationwide and globally as well.” So it seems that they are trying to make an impact from any direction they can!

Definitely look to keep Kotipizza on your radar for the future when it is coming to sustainability. It really looks like they are trying to look and make changes for the future in every way possible and looks like they won’t stop anytime soon with achieving this goal.

Written by Brandon Horn

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