Recycling Crisis – Global Issue

The world´s largest consumer of discarded plastics, China passed legislation banning almost all waste imports. In 2017 many western countries sent most of their plastic waste to China and Hong Kong. Now, that there is no option to do so, more countries and municipalities are burning or landfilling plastic and creating a serious global warming risk. Finding a solution to place or dispose tons of waste will require both diplomatic and legal action as well as efforts to prevent the untenable increase in plastic waste generation. (Collins 2019). It is now really important to start thinking about sustainable recycling methods locally. It is no longer possible to take waste elsewhere for others to take care of.

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“Enough is enough!”

This shout could easily come from a tired mum who is annoyed and frustrated with her 3-year old. Or this could be a strong determination, the first step of an empowered person rising up from the ashes. But what if this comes from our long awaiting and long-suffered Planet Earth? What happens if Mother Nature cries out for help in a desperate state?

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