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Findings for RAULI brackets in international markets – Renewable energy project

Greetings from the RAULI brackets project team. Our student project group comprised of eight students from Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, and France have been hard at work for the past few months conducting market research for RAULI solar panel brackets in international markets. RAULI is a solar panel mounting system that is manufactured in Finland … Read more

Service Business Project for the Finnish Glass Museum (Plus Tips for Having a Vision!)

During this spring, we have worked in an eight-member student team for the Finnish Glass Museum located in Riihimäki. We have done research about people who visit museums and based on that information, built persona profiles the museum can use in their marketing and service design subsequently. Team has also brainstormed a large treasure box … Read more

Who are the members of the Garden Design Stories project?

And Yes! Our Garden Design Stories project, a landscaping garden creation company that aims to export to the United States, is worked by a group of 8 students interested in digital marketing determined in the proper development of the project. We work for months to satisfy our client so let’s do a presentation of each member of the project: 

Transform your Garden to reflect on your Garden Personality Style, Take the Quiz now! – campaign plan

Half of the project has already been completed in the blink of an eye and spring is also well under way. Due to the current world situation, we have been working remotely through teams throughout the project. Because our project is international, we have had the honor of getting two exchange students into our project … Read more

Beginning of the project – International project in wood processing industry

Our Service Business-project has started very nicely. Projects are online in this semester. This brought some challenges, but so far everything has gone well. In the project we have many kind of people from many different backgrounds. This makes this project even more interesting. International projects also creates challenges, especially about communication and language skills. … Read more